Brand Mascot is a Cartoon Character called Choosie hopes to benefit from using a cartoon character as a brand mascot because our  service runs against the tide of others

Our cool business traveller

Today’s business traveller can easily become tomorrows leisure traveller

Biking is such a popular activity in South Africa and our brand character reminds all to travel safe.

Day, weekend or longer trips are enjoyed by bikers

Some establishments are well known for their special biker hospitality afforded

South Africa has a varied geographical landscape, which impacts on the different climates experienced from one end of the land to the other. For example, we have the semi-arid Karoo, balmy, sub-tropical Durban and mild Mediterranean Cape Town.


Hiking Cartoon Character

There are a combination of relaxing, testing and extreme hikes for all ages throughout South Africa

Got to enjoy winter in SA – the dry night skies with cloudless, chilly, evenings. Outdoor firepit, coffee, snuggle up under blankets.. and stargaze at our magic sky

Stargazing cartoon character

Stargazing For Dummies offers you the chance to explore the night sky, providing a detailed guide to the main constellations and also offering advice on viewing other night sky objects such as planets and nebulae. It’s a great introduction to a fun new hobby, and even provides a fun way to get the kids outside while doing something educational!


With hundreds of 4×4 trails all over South Africa and Southern Africa and Africa, a 4×4 trail or scenic drive and offroad adventure is at your doorstep.

4 x 4 Brand Mascot

Luckily,  4×4 Trails are plentiful and all within a couple of hours drive. The quality of trails and facilities are of a high standard too.

With South Africa’s vast expansive coastline there really is a lot to explore from the warm waters of KwaZulu-Natal to the icy chill of the Western Cape. South Africa has wonderful marine life and with this comes great places in which to snorkel.

Snorkeling Brand Mascot

There really is so much out there that any marine life lover can spend days upon days exploring hence affording themselves the opportunity to go on a snorkeling holiday.

Today swimming is a popular summer school sports, with many schools boasting their own swimming pools and competing in  galas


Swimming Brand Mascot

More and more children being taught how to swim to enjoy a very healthy and fulfilling life in South Africa’s wonderful climate.

If you’re still in doubt as to the rise and rise of cycling, take a look at the popularity of cycling races in South Africa, the profile of people riding them and the price of the toys on display.


Cycling Brand Mascot

Also look at the bikes on the back of cars going away for a holiday .. all sizes for a quality family outing

To get fit and healthy, manySouth Africans are taking up jogging and road running as their sport of choice, and eagerly participating in the many road races …

Jogging Brand Mascot

Jogging and running not only helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but will also help us to be better drivers.


Increase your metabolism. Burn up kilojoules from the food you eat. Reduce fat stores in the body. Increase and maintain muscle strength and tone.

Gym Brand Mascot

 Although the gym appears to be the logical choice for everyone looking for an exclusive place to exercise, there are many other ways to get fit. You can even stay home and find everything you need to help you work up a sweat and trim away pounds brand mascots shown here are all available to search and find onsite on some establishments.

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