Who are we?

A company who is in the business of matching unique travellers needs together with establishments who provide destination with dignity by means of Universal Access (UA). We truly believe that travel is for everyone no matter you health, age, or physical difficultly you may be experiencing.

Choosy Travellers Universal Accessibility Story

Universal Accessibility will make all the difference for a dignified stay for travellers with disabilities and their able companions.


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4th Apr 2019

Responsibility for Waste created by us rests squarely on our shoulders.

Waste is an issue for all of us. We all create it and that means we are all responsible for what happens to it. Waste needs […]
1st Apr 2019

Growing Figs outdoors in Upcycle Bags

Growing Figs Planting, Growing and Harvesting Figs Figs are a delicious treat that thrive in warm climates, but can also be grown in more temperate regions […]
1st Apr 2019

epicIPTV – making it simpler and more affordable!

Why is online streaming gaining popularity in SA? With EpicIPTV – watch Channels, Movies and Series when and where you want to.  Replace repeats with quality […]

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We are champions of Universal Access within the hospita;lity industry and would love to partner with you in ensuring accommodation and destinations are accessible to all people. We have the people, skills, experience to help make your establisment a destination of choice for all.