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Where to download Loc8or app?




How do we book, search and choose our travel, venues and entertainment?

We go online!

It stands to reason then, to use appropriate search Apps to strengthen your experience and also maintain loyalty by registering with a trusted loyalty card network, thereby adding credibility to your business.

The best part of the Loc8or App is how it brings the attention of travellers to establishments, with incredible value, in that it will satisfy their search for unique accommodation needs, easy, namely:

  • Babies 0-5 years old
  • Elderly Persons
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Wheelchair Users
  • Pet Friendly
  • Go & Do
  • Funeral Venues
  • Pharmacies
  • Shopping Malls
  • Special Deals
  • Conferences, Funerals and Wedding Venues and lots more….

The benefits of Loc8or Loyalty Card for establishments is to generate repeat business by offering travellers something amazing and valuable, so that they keep on returning for more. This is the welcome incentive needed to get travellers to download Choosy Loc8or App

  1. Loc8or App loyalty facility has been agreed to, and will be used by 140,000+ family loyalty card holders.
  2. Registered establishments are prominently displayed in the Go and Do section of the Loc8or App.
  3. Wheelchair facilities offered by establishments on Loc8or have been endorsed by our partner, an occupational therapist with 30+ years of experience.
  4. FAQ on Loc8or App shows a list of specific facilities that establishments offer. Loyalty travellers are advised to view establishments photos that are specific about facilities offered and to confirm all accommodation facilities.
  5. Choosy Loc8or App is your ‘Billboard in the Sky’ and essentially a service to the community whilst they are in their hometown or out and about, travelling throughout South Africa. The details of these are best viewed by downloading the Loc8or App.

Establishments are required to register their establishment to access coverage.


Enhance your business experience and register on the Loc8or Loyalty Card Network.

  • Generate repeat business by offering travellers something so valuable that they keep returning for more.
  • Retain existing customers
  • Acquire new customer and build them into lifetime customers
  • Reduce promotional / advertising costs