Grayford Holton

23rd Apr 2019

Why are Upcycle Bags gaining popularity in SA?

Why are Upcycle Bags gaining popularity in SA? With Upcycle Bags – go shopping, plant vegetables and flowers, make compost when and where you want to. […]
4th Apr 2019

Responsibility for Waste created by us rests squarely on our shoulders.

Waste is an issue for all of us. We all create it and that means we are all responsible for what happens to it. Waste needs […]
1st Apr 2019

Growing Figs outdoors in Upcycle Bags

Growing Figs Planting, Growing and Harvesting Figs Figs are a delicious treat that thrive in warm climates, but can also be grown in more temperate regions […]
1st Apr 2019

epicIPTV – making it simpler and more affordable!

Why is online streaming gaining popularity in SA? With EpicIPTV – watch Channels, Movies and Series when and where you want to. Replace repeats with quality […]
30th Mar 2019

What Is IPTV? Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Video

What Is IPTV? Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Video Why should someone you’ve never met decide what you can watch on TV and […]
26th Mar 2019

Water Wise Gardening – some Tips and Ideas

Choose locally suitable water-wise practices Being water-wise is essential in South Africa, as we’re constantly experiencing serious droughts. Okay, so that’s your home sorted. But what […]
22nd Mar 2019

Upcycle Bags bring a new meaning to growing Organic Vegetables

Can organic foods really improve our health and help protect the environment? Two aspects of organic consumption – decreased intake of contaminants and increased intake of […]
11th Mar 2019

Bring Honey Bees into Your Garden

Bring Honey Bees into Your Garden  As well as providing honey, the honeybee is the main pollinator of many agricultural crops, such as deciduous fruit, all […]
10th Mar 2019

Gardening with Bumble Bees

It is very easy to confuse the indigenous South African carpenter bees (Xylocopa species) with bumblebees. Carpenter bees are solitary and nest in tunnels in wood; […]
7th Feb 2019

UPCYCLE! The green creative!- Creating green solutions from your waste.

Make compost from your kitchen? Upcycle planting bag is porous and will bind the compost, soil and help to hold water and air without danger of […]
7th Feb 2019

So you want to start your own business

Tomorrow – Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’ Potential -If you can describe something as possible but not yet actual   Hope is to expect with […]
4th Dec 2018

Choosy Loc8or App’s new approach to Community Traveller Accommodation

  Choosy Loc8or App works very closely with communities whether they are travelling or staying at home. Our innovative design uses extensive mapping, to make community […]