Raising bar to meet business traveller unique needs

impressive establishments matching unique needs

Raising the bar to match and satisfy business traveller unique needs is built into choosytravellers.com eye-opening search capabilities

Personal unique needs matched efficiently and quickly are the new criteria for accommodation selection

Choosytravellers.com mindful of business traveller busy schedules and high expectations to find a quick and satisfactory match to unique needs.

Information overload from inadequate search criteria easily results in  wrong decisions and total frustration

Time constraints combined with difficulties inherent in complicated search procedures becoming unacceptable.

For business travelers, many of whom may spend a significant amount of time away from home, matching needs can be the difference between a successful trip and a lousy one.

Amazing advances in technology have given rise to allowing business travellers to select and book accommodation themselves.

Matching unique needs must be simple and uncomplicated to deploy

Suddenly, its the little things that have become very appealing to business travellers. Like name brand shampoo and soap, bottle of water, coffee pot, a hairdryer or a wake-up call are immediately noticed and added to their needs. Choosytravellers.com has an extensive list of accommodation types and facilities to select from.

The modern world is always connected, and business travelers unique needs expect no less from their accommodation.

Free WIFI is being sought to keep in touch with work, social media and whatsapp

Internet access and WIFI is simply a must and high-speed broadband service is a big advantage to get their work done in the evenings and mornings. Comfortable lighting, desk and chair is a given and expected.

 Choosytravellers.com recognizes business traveller unique needs with  amazing search solution for them to use with ease and confidence.Core requirement a website , easy to use, with meaningful search results

Unique needs have become real requirements and not just a passing fad.

Meticulous attention has been given to including 56+ accommodation types and 250+ facilities to satisfy the most hard-to-please business traveller.  The combinations that may be deployed are mind-blowing but nevertheless easy to choose, quick  and effective to get what the business traveller needs.

Try it by going to www.choosytravellers.com

Choosytravellers.com amazing website joins the dots by displaying business traveller selections on a map.

Red pins show location of establishments

Choosytravellers.com takes full advantage of latest responsive software to display results equally efficiently on  laptop or mobile device.  Business travellers have access to location of 10 services (Bank, ATM, Fuel, Restaurants, Gym, Spa, Museum, Hospital, Police Station, Parking)
A surprising addition is to link choosytravellers.com automatically with directions to a selected establishment without leaving the site.

Special Deals offered by establishments are prominently displayed on map for business travellers to consider.


Ingenious way to display and find special deals

Choosytravellers.com recognised benefits of displaying special deals in an obvious way would have maximum impact on business traveller decisions.

Choosytravellers.com recognizes business travelers are not necessarily looking for the lowest price. Rather, they are looking for the best value. Meals are important in meeting individual unique needs.

Travellers often have special dietary requirements – select from 5 on choosytravellers.com


Individual meal arrangements can be critical to business travellers. Consider importance of availability of lunch packs, dinner on demand and served in bedroom, special dietary requirements. Business travellers may wish to entertain clients, friends, family.

Choosytravellers.com is aware of paying more attention to travellers staying healthy while travelling.

For those who work out regularly or jog, constant traveling can throw a wrench into their routine

Safe jogging areas or routes are invaluable, and/or availability of a small in-house gym or mountain bike would get the business traveller nodding in agreement.

Business travellers are aware of a need for personal safety and security over their valuables, mobile devices,laptops when they leave the room.

Read the establishment safety procedures carefully


Choosytravellers.com have many areas of safety for business travellers to search in-room , parking, security guards, evacuation procedures, panic buttons.
Some establishments have laptop safes which are a real win.

Business travellers value doing bookings directly with establishment to save, time, money and finalize their meetings.

Business travellers are busy with planning meetings, conferences, presentations – waiting for accommodation booking confirmations is frustrating

There are often occasions when a business traveller needs to change accommodation plans due to car problems, customer unavailability, and countless reasons. Contact details of establishments need to be available to business traveller to firm up an emergency booking.

The needs of business travelers will continue to evolve, so establishments are always thinking of new ways to better connect with this important customer base

Business traveller needs are important. Look before you book


Choosytravellers.com regard energy and research to be well worth investment in advancing impressive establishments into the front row to  being found by business travellers looking for unique needs satisfaction.
A sure formula to business travellers having a happy and enjoyable business trip.

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