Stop the World I want to Travel

Stop the World I want to Travel

Stop the World I want to Travel

 The more one delves into where to book for a business or leisure stay, the more one sees how easily assumptions can be misleading. Which stage of life the traveller is in challenges the all-important decisions made by establishment for providing and matching traveller accommodation needs.  

Pregnant Moms

Comfort, dignity and safety is everything.
Safe and dignified bathroom visit with grab bars appropriately located for toilets, baths and shower (preferably with 
Uncluttered bedrooms so mom can trot off to bathroom at any time of the day or night and not trip.
Have a swim in a dignified way down steps and with a rail.
What about an onsite spa to indulge in TLC!

Have a mini fridge to stock Moms newfound and favourite snacks.

Safe and Dignified use of facilities for Pregnant Mom

Infancy, Early and Middle Childhood (Age 0 – 11)

Vitality, playfulness, imagination and ingenuity are important in these stages of childhood.

Vibrant and seemingly unlimited source of energy, creating a world anew to portay situations not seen before, imagination of an artist, dancer and scientist being lived and technical designs with toys like Leggo to solve the world’s town planning problems. 

 Meals are an all-important part of the stay, especially for children with special needs or allergies and need to be discussed. Locations close to hospitals and nursing services can play an important part in matching unique needs etc.

Play is non-stop 24/7 and restraints with playpens, to fencing water features and pools are essential to the protection of children.

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to babysitters, child monitors, cots, inter-leading-rooms and sturdiness of balconies, fixtures, fittings and railings should be a given and need to be evaluated.

Child, Pram, Cot, Halal Dietary Catering, Babysitter

Adolescence (Age 12-20) 

Adolescence equals passion thus represents a significant touchstone for anyone who is seeking to reconnect with their deepest inner zeal for life. Indoor and outdoor activities play an important role at this age.

Biking, Farm Activities (collecting eggs), Games (soccer)Tree House Climbing,  and many other on-site activities should be accessible to get involved with their peers and can engage in a secure space.

Biking, Farm Activities (collecting eggs), Games (soccer)Tree House Climbing

Adulthood (Age 20-35)

New technological world is a huge influence on this age group and they browse the Internet and see opportunities to go out into the world and make their mark.

This will see the considering of eco-friendly stays more seriously, learning more about local climate change effects, waste, recycling & cleaning.
Mixing with the local communities, learning more about their customs, music.
Team building for business to learn importance of communicating more effectively.
Volunteering on farms, learning about poaching animals & rehabilitation of birds endangered by poisons and plastics. 

Eco-friendly stays, Music, Team Building, Volunteering

Midlife (Age 35-50)

This age is a period of contemplation and a time to reflect upon the deeper meaning of their lives, the better to forge ahead with new understanding. 

Appreciate more of the more subtle and endearing facilities in life.
Bathroom gowns, heated rails and slippers.
Bedroom with percale linen, coffee machine and views of the mountains or sea.
Healthy foods and activities like gym, hiking and jogging (safety a given), 4×4 trails and walks and drives in game serves.

This element of contemplation represents an important influence that we can all draw upon to sharpen and polish our lives at any age.

Bedroom Percale Linen, Healthy and Safe hiking, Trail Adventures in 4 x 4 vehicles, Walks in Game Reserves.

Mature Adulthood (Age 50-80)

Benevolence and wisdom – The biggest challenge to this age group is continuous good health, mobility, memory and other incidences of drawbacks.

They have established themselves in their work life and retirement and travelling for a week-end or longer is foremost in their minds.

They can visit those places that they were not able to before and spend more time on the details of that location. They have the time and opportunity to understand how places developed, visit museums and reminisce and share with their partner and friends.

Enjoy “home from home” comforts like pet friendly establishments, bathroom luxury toiletries, bedroom desk, clock radios and DSTV.
Business facilities like emails and meeting rooms are key.
Meals including healthy dinner on demand and picnic lunches go down well.
Travel takes on a new meaning when they find suitable classes on arts & crafts,  photography. stargazing and yoga and the likes.
Very aware of safety measures in place especially, 24 hour CCTV and patrol surveillance.

Pet Friendly, Emails for Communication, Picnic Lunches, 24 Hour CCTV Surveillance.

The above examples of accommodation types and facilities depict typical facilities that may be enjoyed by an age group. Bearing in mind that there are some 30+ different accommodation types and 300+ facilities that can be selected from by establishments one soon sees that matching individual accommodation needs is there for the taking. Using innovative, one of a kind multi-level search, easy to use  with instantaneous results in a minimum of unhappy stays and costly mistakes.


User Groups that are accommodated by a Universal Access approach include:

Elderly tourists
People with a disability
Obese tourists
Families with children
Pregnant women
Tourists carrying luggage
Tourists with language difficulties or not speaking the locallanguage
The above group should have access, that is on an equal and dignified basis to others.
Universal Access makes good business sense as the above groups make up a lage portion of the population.


Elderly Railings, Shower Seat, UA Tourism Accommodation for Elderly and Use of Crutch

Wheelchair Users

Wheel Chair Accommodation, Access to Toilet and Washbasin, Rollin Shower, Uncluttered and Spacious Bedroom

Wheelchair Access measurements on ramps, door widths, free space for turning in are all very specific and all measurements need to be clearly displayed on photos in the establishment gallery. All establishment websites listed on with Universal Accessibility facilities will have been “endorsed” personally by Disabled Travel CEO Karin Coetzee (an Occupational Therapist  with 30+ years of experience in the world of people with disabilities). 


Lessons to be Learnt:

Don’t take life for granted and live each moment of life to its fullest.

Your own small life forms a part of a greater whole.

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