Multiple level filter from for immediate answers

Original version of the World Wide Web, created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, English computer scientist, a place where anyone can find the information they need–anytime, anywhere adds their contribution of making it easy and quick for anyone.

Information overload that no person can follow with ease

Internet has grown beyond its original purpose.
Any traveller confronted with about 4,4 million results found for an accommodation search will throw in the towel.

Multiple level filter compliments decision making abilities of human beings to emphasize their differences from other creatures. provides immediate answers for accommodation needs.

Multiple level filter

It’s a comfortable assumption that travellers have more than one unique need in accommodation. 

Simple example of unique need is for a  private walk in shower. Need arises due to back problem and cannot bend. There are many people with back problems and they need to express their needs accordingly.

Walk in private shower

A simple filter would find establishments with a shower.

Multiple level filter would be necessary when adding comfort items to your shower experience like fluffy towels. Some travellers even take their own fluffy towels with them!


Walk-in shower

Fluffy Towel



It’s no exaggeration that women make up close to half of business travellers, and play an important part with their unique needs in the accommodation market.
Women also shave regularly, and its not common to find a shower with a convenient shelf to place one’s foot on while shaving. Another unique need for establishments to match?

Recent survey of business travellers no less than 8 unique needs were expressed as essential for their basic comfort.

Business traveller searching Internet

  1. Fast, reliable internet.                                          Fiber optic cable a great solution
  2. Ample, easy access to power outlets.                 No need to move furniture
  3. Shuttle Service                                                      For big Conference or Trade Fair
  4. Nutritious Breakfast                                             Healthy and/or dietary meals
  5. Comfortable beds                                                 Mattresses, linen, duvets
  6. Tea & Coffee                                                          Late at night or early morning needs
  7. Iron and Board                                                      Remove sartorial wrinkles
  8. Map display of establishment in town               Near bank, garage, restaurant etc

Multiple Level Filter from is not only solution to get answers to this complex filter but also can be setup by a non-technical user for an instantaneous result! 

The Internet started to become the most effective way to process information on a global scale. But in reality, Internet users are already overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available information, and the problem will get worse as the Internet grows and connections get faster

Sheer volume of available information gives rise to information overload.

Multiple level filter is a major step forward in application usability side making it easier for travellers to get meaningful results easily and quickly

Engaging travellers with inspired creativity of locating accommodation complimented with inspiring presentation of nearby ATM, Bank, Fuel, Gym,Spa, Hospital, Museum, Parking, Police and Restaurants.

Map with Accommodation Location

Inspiring presentation of nearby

Map with Special deal

Multiple level filter is not needed on the map as most, if not all, mobile users are most familiar in moving around on maps.


Multiple level filter is definitely needed when you request more than 1 level of unique needs. Some examples travellers may need would include;

  1. Pet Friendly
  2. Child Friendly
  3. Guest Farm
  4. Fishing on site
  5. Hiking on site – safety
  6. Cycling on site – safety
  7. Jogging on site – safety
  8. Swimming pool fenced – safety
  9. Dam on site fenced – safety

Combinations of over 60+ types and 250+ facilities would all be resolved instantaneously by non-technical persons.

All leads to a happy and successful stay with establishments listed on website

Impressive Establishments matching unique Traveller needs

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