Leisure customer has family unique needs to consider

Happy Families after matching their unique accommodation needs

Leisure customer has family to consider when searching to match their  unique accommodation needs

Many different accommodation types and facilities are available for searching

Choosytravellers.com co is confidant that one size does not fit all. Avoid disappointment and unhappiness  by getting it right before you book .

Choosytravellers.com simplifies leisure customer connection to   establishments find suitable accommodation types and facilities.

Vast choice of accommodation types and facilities available to match unique customer and personal needs

Once leisure customer connects to choosytravellers.com amazing search program they enjoy deploying any number and/or combination of accommodation types (56+)and facilities (250+). The result is instantaneous.

Choosytravellers.com deploys a map to assist leisure customer make right decisions and confirm them town map.

Results displayed visually on a map

Leisure travellers see interactive search with stunning results and entertained as establishment numbers visibly change as each search is satisfied.

Leisure customers see specials deals displayed in towns and easily accessed for details of offer 

Leisure travellers need not leave the site in search of special offers.

Choosytravellers.com makes easy selection matching leisure customer unique needs  – you, your children happier – have no regrets.

Match all family unique needs for happy stay and holiday

As adults, we countdown to our holidays to recharge our batteries. Be aware are profoundly beneficial time for children. Parents can forget about work, concentrate on play and give children the prized gift of their time

Leisure customer invited to  encourage children to join in the fun to book & plan holiday.

Holidays are to be enjoyed by the whole family


Leisure travellers,, countdown to holidays to recharge batteries. Be aware of profoundly beneficial children time . Time to forget about work, concentrate on leisure, play and give children the prized gift of their time

Leisure customer can use mobiles or laptops because latest responsive software, used by choosytravellers.com, displays correctly.

Family member can use mobile and/or laptops.

Any combination of laptops and mobile devices can be used by leisure customers while searching the choosytravellers.com site.

Enjoyment for  whole family while searching and looking at map. Hospitality industry is recognizing and catching up with leisure customer unique needs.
Find where kids are VIPs?

Holidays are for all family members to enjoy make it a family decision

Lots of fun for leisure traveller family to plan accommodation and ensure individual needs being satisfied.

Leisure customer recognises safety is of paramount importance to a relaxing holiday.

Safety chat with family is essential


Safety facilities display areas of concern for leisure travellers to peruse. Check them out they are important for a happy stay.

Get leisure customer and children to not only spread word of mouth fill in your reviews of your establishment

Reviews are written directly onto establishment for all to see.


Leisure travellers love referrals and value opinions of reviews when making booking decisions. .

Visit Choosytravellers.com – website of impressive establishments for leisure customer to visit and match unique needs

impressive establishments matching unique needs

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